Mermaid “Bitch and Moan” (live)

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photos and words by Gabriela Gonzalez


Thus, this is a description of a feeling of a filming in a Cave of Wonder, who’s walls are coated in new day’s stew. There was a constant tremble in every view that day for me and so I tried to keep my mind open to things that only related to each other in harmony. It was thee actual day. I could see bright gleams of solar rays in Doren’s eyes, and even then a shine so solid was warmer in front of that white wall once, times-two over. There was wind-breaking action from start to second part, as Josh Clarkson was first to be spotted on the scene at the prestige liquor market, as we all know it, right across street of the Echo Curio, where the vision was to take place. As Josh emerged there seem to be a perplexity in his gaze and Doren simply directed all’s attention on the curiosity shop. It was greatly entertaining to me to also find out then that it was a surprise to the crew. Dylan Doren’s “Thebes”, so very melodic and intense on thee autoharp, was broken down and greatly molded together with an ultimate team:  with the minds and likes of Justin McInteer, Josh Clarkson, and Ryan Pariedro, on camera each surrounding and surrounding all the odds at all times. There was a three second drop and after each one I felt every note become more intimate with each other as Doren lay his eyes and tips on the strings, strumming so heavy and large. I felt that very overwhelming feeling take charge as I tried to capture every look-away from a camera, certainly helped me more and more to capture every smirk and passionate grind in every finale with a sheer breeze of cool. As I continued snapping in between and I could see a back-flash of a place that was once a home to a heart settling in, a place where there was a unity in a piecing of hearts, a place of a bond and bonds alike to remain curious in fact. Clarkson on one end getting very hot and intricate at Doren, while Justin captured various close-ups, there was also a panoramic esque to the solidness of the building within, along with Ryan who would criss cross and jump in the spots and gaps to grab shots of release and grand resurrection. Doren’s vision, bold and beautiful, was certainly unraveling more so later through out that night and what a blissful feeling it was to simply watch and take in such emotion for and as part of its “farewell”, love radiating off of the Curio on to the scene taken place in this very musical video process.

( this is a sneak peek )



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kurpow! “love songs” coming soon!


                                                                                                                                                               Kurpow! is  now releasing his 1st ever solo release on cassette tape on FILM RECORDS. He is calling it “love songs” with 9 long awaited tracks and a old photo of girlfriend / bandmate Caitlin Boster. (Mermaid) as a child with a sippy cup used as the cover art- Kurpow! will kill us with kindness. His voice is commonly compared to both Elliott Smith & Bright Eyes he still smirks with shock when told about it. The truth is he listens to both , but really has more of a Daniel Johnston sound and way of doing things. Kurpow! has released a split cassette tape with Dylan A. Doren partner and co-founder of FILM RECORDS / be helpful cassette club -they called it “SPLIT 09′” and are now releasing a  yet another tape “SPLIT 10’/BAD FUNN” on BE HELPFUL CASSETTE CLUB and will hold a split set performance between both heads of the label Kurpow! & Dylan Doren  . Recorded at ECHO CURIO 8.8.10 on Doren’s 24th birthday  side b will  have the acts that follow that night MAGICK ORCHIDS & Mermaid.

BE HELPFUL CASSETTE CLUB will also be releasing a cassette tape packed with voicemails left by Kurpow! on Doren’s telephone. Kurpow! talks and gives us a look from inside the songs while in the writing process. The Album will be simply called VOICEMAILS. After having a chance to play their song Split 09′ live together Kurpow! & Dylan d. have formed a side project / band – US.

VOICEMAILS will be their 1st release.

Kurpow! has many releases coming! LOVE SONGS will be remembered as his hi, how are you?

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FILM RECORDS COMP (free download)


01 kurpow!- the seed,the voice, the dreamer,the night (live)


03 super buff-ABCDEFGH

04 Magick Orchids-Forbidden Games

05 Marble Mummy- I MISS YOU / DJ Marble Mummy

06 Lee Nobel-Don’t Die

07 Dicso Bunny- Zocalote

08 Toddler Body- toobdads

09 +Dog+- Stand Up

10 US-split 09′ (live)

11 Bizzart- Shapeless

11 SLEEPWALKERS LOCAL- ode of love to dds knuckles

13 Walter Gross- WG/10shun/Gothic Cholo- drenched in a Vile Liquid

14 Air Sign- missteps

15 adam and ray- Dreams for you

16 Cardio Pulmonary-Prayer for Soulmates

17 tes elations- patiene

18 Evan apRoberts- Secret Throne

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kurpow! “GOOD TEENAGERS” (live)

filmed by Ryan Pardeiro

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